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RaJah Di MessenJah has been Winning hearts with his Music since 2011 with the Release of his
Holiday album "UniverSol Love", (Set for Re-release Next year). He has cultivated a Style that is
unmatched and untouched by any other. With his experience of making music since the age of 8yrs
old, Listening to artists like Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Bob Marley, Michael
Jackson, Alicia Keys, and the O'Jays; he has developed a style that includes all brands of Music.
EPIC/SOL' Music is a genre that consists of; Reggae, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, EDM, Pop, R&B, Soft
Rock, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Indie & African Beat all in one. Quite the Change huh?

RaJah Di MessenJah Is said to have some help on his Upcoming "MoreLYF LP: Limitless Power",
from a few other Producers, Such as New Dersey Beats, Kendox, and Mark Murrille. But nonetheless,
the young 24yr old Musician Independently and Passionately Composes and engineers his Own
Music, as well as the Musicians on his Label "MoreLYF Prod." 


RaJah says that "Bringing LYF to music
will finally Bring Music to LYF". He has a Philosophy that Fits and Promotes his Musical Persona very
well. As you can see Life is purposely incorrect, and also scrambled. As it is an abbreviation, standing
for, Luv, Yah & Faith; which gives us all Wings to FLY!

Having conscious and Inspirational lyrics riding over a Conceptual yet thrilling rhythm, and a
Distinctive yet Soothing voice, RaJah Di
MessenJah, will Definitely Bring MoreLYF
to his Profession!

Download His New Single "Never Bout
Us (Prod. by Kendox)" Right now, For
Free at his Sound cloud Fan Page