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6605 Winfield blvd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33063
September 15, 2016

*For 1 Artist Recording For 1hr each Will be at a rate of $75/hr. Which amounts to $300/per session!

*[A session = 4hrs] *
For the mixing and Mastering of all songs will be a rate of $150/song for Mixing and Mastering, For Mixtape Quality.
Professional Radio Quality Mastering Will be at a rate of $300/song!
You can pay Via Email to paypal account or by check to our address or By Cash/Money Order.
We give you a discount as a First time buyer. *We Promote and distribute Worldwide as well which we are willing to offer at An additional discounted price!
We do accept partial payments. So if you would like to pay in increments upon visit or weekly according to budget, we can work that out as well.
Call us at your earliest convenience at, 9548700579. As we can work it out with you however to make this work for you, your Artists and us as a Company! Thanks for choosing MoreLYF PROD. Have a wonderful evening!